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Became known why trump interrupted his vacation

He prematurely returned to work in the White house.US President, Donald trump has decided to cancel his vacation and return to the White house. He said this on his Twitter page. The us leader said that he needed to solve military issues. “Today are going to Washington. A lot of …

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Vladimir Zelensky is praised vacation in Europe

Popular Ukrainian actor and TV presenter revealed how learning to ride a swimming Board. The Studio Quarter 95 Vladimir Zelensky and his wife Elena went on vacation to Europe. In particular, judging by the tags it was posted online, the family Zelensky visited Italy and France. The actor has decided …

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Son of Potap suffered on vacation

Eight-year-old Andrew had stitches.Son of Potap now together with my mother Irina Gorovoy and sister Natalie is resting in Greece. However, stay for Andrew was not without unpleasant incidents. Jumping in the pool, Andrew scratched his chin, so deep that I had stitches. Now he walks with a special patch …

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Avakov showed the Ukrainians how to spend vacation

The Minister is resting in Switzerland. The Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov is on holiday in the popular Swiss resort of bad Ragaz. The head of the Ministry of interior publishes a photo from vacation on his page in social network Instagram. In addition to Swiss resort, the Minister …

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Named the best island for a vacation Paradise

TOP 10 best Islands in the world.Portal Travel + Leisure has published its annual ranking of the best tourist destinations under the name World’s Best Awards , except where cities and hotels, experts have called the best island in the world to relax. This was told on the website Travel …

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How to recover after a vacation

It often happens that after the holidays is the feeling of freshness, energy and positivity, a person enveloped in apathy, fatigue and drowsiness. “Often we feel more relaxed and inspired before the holiday than after it. It is connected primarily with the fact that any vacation is stressful for the …

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Deputies went on vacation until September

The speaker Andriy Parubiy said the work of MPs fruitful. Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Parubiy closed the sixth session of the VIII convocation of Verkhovna Rada. In his speech, the speaker thanked the MPs for their work. “During the work of this session was conducted 65 of the …

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