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NATO prefers the unreal world where a fictional Russia created by its policy-makers serves to validate its ever-expanding budgets

Earlier this month, NATO expelled eight members of Russia’s mission to the alliance, accusing them of being “undeclared Russian intelligence officers,” a NATO official told the media.  “NATO’s policy towards Russia remains consistent. We have strengthened our deterrence and defense in response to Russia’s aggressive actions, while at the same …

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Unreal funny situations on the road involving avtoledi

Eternal subject for jokes. “The girl behind the wheel is like a monkey with …” Usually on such a comparison offended all the ladies motorists. Indeed, among them are virtuosos of their craft. But looking at today’s collection, it is impossible not to agree that the truth in the expression …

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Unreal American landscapes of talented photographer. Photo

Photographer creates surreal warped landscapes of America.Flatlands II – nadavno a photographic project by Turkish photographer Aydin Buyuktas, which creates a surreal warped landscapes of America. Inspired by science fiction, he flexes the photos as if they are a freeze-frame from the movie “Inception” (who saw, that will understand what …

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The guys surprised unreal tricks of Billiards. Video

Dude Perfect is famous for the fact that arrange events in the most unexpected interpretations of different sports. The American team of stunt and trick-shot artists Dude Perfect have released a video dedicated to the breathtaking stunts Billiards. Extreme video posted on its official YouTube channel and it’s only for …

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Team Nintendo has mastered the Unreal Engine

Internal team actively experimented with the popular Unreal Engine. According to the Internet resource VentureBeat, representative Director of Nintendo, Shigeru Miyamoto (Shigeru Miyamoto) spoke to investors in Kyoto, which reported that an internal team actively experimented with the popular Unreal Engine and even sufficiently “mastered” it. The words of the …

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