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Coronaries turn apartments in unfinished

In the regions more than half of the apartments purchased with “pit” can take six months or a year later. Lose all — buyers, developers, budget. According to experts, coronarita is the best time to buy their own homes soon prices will start to fall, and a cheaper mortgage. However, …

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In Kiev collapsed unfinished house

The incident occurred on Vozdvizhenka. Today, November 18, at the Metropolitan Vozdvizhenka, there was a collapse of overlappings of a building. On a scene there have arrived physicians. Information about the victims or the victims at this time has not yet been reported. In addition, according to the preliminary information, …

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In Kiev unfinished Podolsky bridge plan to make a paid

To ride over the bridge will have to pay into the city Treasury. The construction of Podolsky bridge that would connect the metro line Troeschina with the right Bank, continues for 15 years. Podolsko resurrection bridge that connects Podil and Voskresenka with a rainbow array will pay. This was stated …

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In Kiev minors fell from the unfinished

Circumstances are PE are investigated. In Kiev on the street Cyril, 103, had an accident. So, in the afternoon of July 19 a 13 year old girl, walking around an abandoned, unfinished building of the Kyiv psycho-neurological hospital No. 1 fell from a height of the fourth floor. From the …

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Emirates flight attendant poured wine from unfinished bottles

The violators were caught red-handed during a routine flight. A traveler from Russia, flying first class Emirates flight, after landing at Dubai airport took the flight attendant who poured champagne back in the bottle. The video he posted in his instagram. It should be noted that Emirates flights offer passengers …

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In Kharkov blew up the impressive unfinished. Video

To break – not to build: blow it was faster and cheaper. In Kharkov by blasting dismantled the unfinished house. Today, July 15, at 11 o’clock on the Avenue of Science 25B bomb experts and rescue workers carried out the demolition of an unfinished house by blasting. As a result …

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