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Twenty years gallop

New world war II in the midst of the doctors, paramedics, nurses are going to attack. Growl ambulance. Across the country was the scene of bitter fighting for Putin promised money. To win away. “Hello! Hello!” — shouting from the hospital, wounded by corona virus commander Mishustin. “I give my …

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Twenty years in power, Putin jokes

Russian people love to joke. Even when he seemingly no longer a laughing matter. And over those with whom to be trifled. Ninth August 1999 Vladimir Putin was declared the head of government and presidential successor. During this time he had a lot to do. Milestones of Putin’s rule quite …

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Twenty years — and the miracle is ready

Russia — the country of implemented utopias. The construction of another began immediately after the collapse of the previous, Soviet. And here it rises in all its glory. Moscow unrest, Siberian disasters, streams of messages about what the higher orders, which will force the economy to growth, and loyal subjects …

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Twenty-five amazing facts about Switzerland. Photo

This is one of the most prosperous countries in the world. On December 12 in Switzerland celebrating flag day, which was established in 1889. And we decided to recall some interesting facts about this country. Yes, you probably know that in Switzerland there are Alpine mountains, secure banks and a …

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Twenty-five evidence that cats can sleep everywhere

Sleep – their unofficial hobby. As they say, the paradox of the cat – at the disposal the whole apartment and he sleeps on her chair, occasionally he fell. But these cats are true professionals! They can sleep anywhere and, most importantly, how you want. Attention! Not worth repeating, of …

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Twenty ideas for stylish bathroom. Photo

These bathrooms won’t even want to leave. Today on the market there are countless of finishing materials of various shades and textures. In this review, we gathered 20 ideas of bathroom designs that will inspire you to create a unique interior.

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