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Underground horror film “Trench No. 11” (TRAILER)

The first world war, dark tunnels running deep beneath the battlefield, and the evil who does not care about States and flags. That’s what decided to tell the creators of the canadian military horror film “the Trench №11” (Trench 11). The Director Leo Sherman (“I will Never forget”). Screenwriter — …

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To Prikarpatye the bus with tourists fell into the trench

In Ivano-Frankivsk bus with Polish tourists fell into the pit. In Ivano-Frankivsk on one of the roads formed a large pit, where and fell, the Mercedes bus. The vehicle was 34 pilgrims from neighboring Poland. This was told in the press service gschs. Employees of a rescue service said: “on …

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Under the Mariana trench found traces of life

Ten kilometers under the bottom of the Mariana trench there is life. The scientists extracted the 46 samples using a remotely operated unmanned underwater vehicles in close proximity of a mud volcano, South Chamorro. This underwater mountain is composed of serpentinite — dense rock which is formed when igneous minerals …

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In the Mariana trench have discovered a toxic waste

Scientists suggest that the persistent organic pollutants originally contained in the plastic waste. Scientists from the UK and Australia recorded high levels of persistent organic pollutants (POPS) — toxic chemicals in two of the deepest ocean trenches. This is stated in article of researchers published in the journal Nature Ecology …

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