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Putin reveals details of draft treaty on Ukraine’s neutrality

Moscow and Kiev agreed on the general terms of Ukraine’s neutrality and security guarantees during peace negotiations in March 2022, but Kiev then abruptly discarded the documents its delegation had already signed, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday. During a meeting with a group of African leaders in St. …

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Biden reacts to Russia suspending nuclear treaty

US President Joe Biden on Wednesday disapproved of Moscow’s decision to suspend the last remaining nuclear arms control treaty between the two powers. In a speech to lawmakers the day prior, Russian President Vladimir Putin said the move was in response to “unacceptable” and cynical moves by the West.  Biden …

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US accuses Russia of violating nuclear treaty – media

US President Joe Biden’s administration has reportedly accused Russia of violating the last remaining nuclear weapons treaty between the two countries by blocking on-site inspections. The US State Department made the allegation – marking the first US claim that Moscow breached terms of the New START treaty – in a …

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West violated key NATO-Russia treaty – Lavrov

Neither Russia nor NATO has ever formally denounced the 1997 Founding Act, but in practice it does not work because the alliance is in violation of it, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov assessed on Thursday. There were some who believed that the key treaty would be scrapped by NATO during …

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Russia scraps peace-treaty talks with Japan

Russia has ended an arrangement dating back to 1991 that allowed Japanese citizens to visit the Kuril Islands without a visa, and has broken off talks with Japan on formally ending the Second World War, citing Tokyo’s “openly unfriendly” conduct in sanctioning Moscow over the conflict in Ukraine. Due to …

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Details of Russia-Donbass cooperation treaty emerge

While the treaties of friendship and cooperation between Russia and the newly recognized republics of Donetsk and Lugansk are still in the draft stage, the Russian State Duma has released the proposed documents on Monday, showing that they will include common defense against external aggression and the right to use …

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A year after Trump pulled America out of ‘Open Skies’ treaty, Russia says it will also exit unless Biden soon agrees to rejoin

Speaking on Tuesday in Vienna at a meeting concerning military security, Konstantin Gavrilov, the head of Russia’s delegation on arms control, claimed other parties to the treaty had ignored Moscow’s complaints. Last May, under then-President Donald Trump, Washington announced it would withdraw from the Open Skies treaty. This was confirmed …

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