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Zelensky becoming ‘toxic’ to the West – Moscow

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has become “toxic” to the collective West, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has claimed, pointing to veiled criticism in Washington of the Ukrainian drone attack on the Crimean Bridge which killed two civilians. “The White House has publicly disavowed attacks carried out by the Kiev regime, drawing …

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Euro, dollar are ‘toxic candy wrappers’ – Russia

The globe’s top reserve currencies, the US dollar and euro, have become “toxic” for Russia, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said on Friday. “The American and European currencies are toxic for us. What should we do with them?” he asked while speaking to students at a university in Moscow. “What do …

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Toxic gas sends multiple people to hospital in London

A number of people were hospitalized with breathing difficulties in London on Wednesday, after a chemical reaction caused a release of poisonous chlorine gas at a swimming pool. Residents nearby were asked to close their windows as firefighters ventilated the toxic fumes. Workers at the London Aquatics Center at Queen …

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Benedict Cumberbatch needs to Man Up about toxic masculinity

I must confess that I find sanctimonious celebrity sermons particularly nauseating. So, when I hear acclaimed actor Benedict Cumberbatch stating that society needs to address ‘toxic masculinity’ I reach for my metaphorical sick bucket. Cumberbatch smugly pontificated that ‘we need to fix the behaviour of men.’ In his sermon from Hollywood …

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Toxic smog in New Delhi way worse than previously thought

“Do you know how bad the situation is? People have to wear masks even at home,” Chief Justice N.V. Ramana said, grilling government officials.   The court said central and state officials must make “an emergency decision” and present plans to fight the smog on Monday. Ramana suggested that authorities should …

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