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In Ivano-Frankivsk children detained the thief

In Ivano-Frankivsk on the evening of 21 December, the students detained the thief. On the street Vinnytsia children saw unknown jumped the fence and ran. In his hands he had two grinders. Students were able to catch the thief. The culprit was a 31-year-old man. He was arrested for possession …

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In Kiev, wielding cunning thief

This has not happened. Kiyani massively give money and jewelry to a woman. First, she asks the direction to the street, after being tied up, people voluntarily give up her valuables. Victims believe that they were hypnotized. But the hypnotherapist puts a different diagnosis – it all happened because of …

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From weapons and money to the syrup – a thief took everything

Repeatedly convicted for various crimes, a man specialized in burglaries. From August to November 2016 he committed three burglaries. The list of stolen items is quite extensive. It’s money, jewelry, appliances, hunting rifle, dozens of items of clothing and shoes, the list got stolen even a wooden box, a bottle …

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Twist of fate: in Russia, a thief stole a stolen bike

The court of Lipetsk recognized the thief-the loser is guilty of theft As established by the case materials, the defendant unlawfully entered the home of the former mistress, whence stole a TV. Since the TV seemed to him too heavy, he took a bike belonging to the victim. However, when …

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