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Created a revolutionary method of gene therapy

Scientists from Germany have proposed a method of performing gene therapy directly inside the body, without the preliminary work with the defective cells in the laboratory. This approach can cure not only genetic diseases, but also cancer. Scientists from Halle-Wittenberg University have developed a new means of DNA delivery for …

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Scientists have developed a new type of therapy for schizophrenia

A new therapy has helped to reduce the frequency of hallucinations and stress levels in patients.British experts have simulated digital visual model, “avatar”, the conversation which helps patients with schizophrenia to cope with the “voices in the head”. The study describes the development of published in the medical journal The …

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Eczema therapy essential oils

It is necessary to determine the cause of the eczema,only then the choice of treatment will be optimal. Aromatherapy for skin inflammations useful for those who feel anxiety, insomnia and irritability due to itching aching. With the help of essential oils can quickly relieve the tension, but first you need …

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Sumy has organized an unusual therapy for soldiers ATO. Video

In addition to dancing, institution relax, and distract from domestic problems, come together with your mate and find friends. In Sumy organised dance therapy for veterans of the ATO. The project “the Soldier’s tango” rallied the military, volunteers and activists. Currently, soldiers ‘ tango joined in seven pairs. In addition …

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