Tuesday , November 24 2020
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Therapists suggested how to treat prolonged cough

The so-called “residual” cough can not be ignored. SARS, influenza and even the common cold have one common symptom is cough. Often, after this course of treatment for viral diseases, all symptoms disappear, and the cough remains. In this case, it is called a residual or protracted. Everyone knows that …

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Therapists recalled cough properties of cocoa butter

Cocoa butter was used by our grandmothers for symptoms of colds and viral infections. About the healing properties of cocoa butter has long been known, but for some reason many forgot about them. In folk medicine, cocoa butter used always as effective cold remedies. Besides, this product is made from …

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Useful tips for hypotensive from experienced therapists

The doctors explained how to prevent the decrease in blood pressure. Society is accustomed to pay more attention to hypertensive patients whose blood pressure is higher, but for some reason all forget about hypotensive, which is not easier to live with low blood pressure. When the pressure drops below the …

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Therapists debunked ten myths about the common cold

Doctors have shared valuable information regarding rhinitis and its impact on human health. A runny nose is one of the first signs of allergies, colds, flu and viral infections, but many patients do not turn on the symptom and trying to treat it. Doctors do not agree with many statements …

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