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In Turkey for tourists will discover the world’s oldest temple

Gobeklitepe – the oldest settlement in the history of mankind.Turkey opens the world’s oldest temple Gobeklitepe. Gobeklitepe is the oldest temple and settlement in the history of mankind. It is expected that the 18th treasure of Turkey in the world heritage list of UNESCO will contribute to regional tourism. The …

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Network fun photo of Putin with the “eye” on temple

The photo caused an unprecedented boom. The network actively discussing the picture of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin with the glowing point on his temple. The corresponding picture on the page in Facebook published a Russian journalist Rustem Adagamov. “It’s a sniper trying”, he wrote, answering the …

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Scientists have found in Israel ancient Georgian religious temple

Israel found the Georgian Church of the VI century The temple was discovered during excavations in the village of Ashdod-Yam on the Mediterranean coast. When doing work specialists noticed the mosaic floor with strange inscriptions. According to the researchers, discovered marks are ancient Georgian measure of chronology. Deciphering the records, …

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Multi-ton Chinese temple was moved 30 meters. Video

The moving of a building videotaped and published online. In Shanghai by the authorities was drawn to the local Buddhist temple for security purposes. The weight of the building exceeds two thousand tons. The move process was filmed and published by BBC News. The newspaper also reports that the temple …

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