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On the moon’s surface found a huge cave

The cave had formed about 3.5 billion years ago On the surface of the moon there is a cave with a length of about 50 kilometers. This became known through observations with spacecraft Kaguya. Scientists believe that a cavity in the rocks can serve as a future refuge for the …

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Chinese space station falls on Earth’s surface

The time and place of falling of fragments of the Celestial Palace is unknown. Chinese space station Tiangong-1 (heavenly Palace) falls on the surface of the Earth, and the speed of its fall is accelerating every day. “Experts now predict that a module weighing 8.5 tons in a few months …

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Ufologists found on the surface of Jupiter UFO unusual form

The object has sivaramakrishna form. On Jupiter ufologists found cigar-shaped UFO. The object was on IO, one of the Galilean moons. The picture was taken in 2000 by the spacecraft Galileo. Astronomers were interested in the slope of the satellite, but luckily, the camera lens hit another object. The object …

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