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Russia reveals sunken warship’s crew losses

As a result of a fire on April 13, the Black Sea Fleet flagship Moskva was seriously damaged due to a detonation of ammunition, Russia’s Ministry of Defense claimed on Friday. One serviceman died and another 27 crew members went missing, it said. Attempts by the crew to put out …

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Putin submersible went to the sunken in the war, submarine

Moscow. July 27. INTERFAX.RU – Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday began a deep dive near the island of Hogland on the vehicle “C-explorer 3.11”. The purpose of the dive – sunk during the great Patriotic war the submarine U-308. The submarine was discovered by an expedition of the Russian …

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Russia joined the search for the sunken Argentinian submarine

In search involved more than a dozen countries, including the United States.Argentina took through Russia in search of a military submarine that went missing in the South Atlantic ocean a week ago. President Mauricio Macri said that Russian leader Vladimir Putin called to offer him to deploy exploratory vessel and …

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In the waters of Atlantis found unique sunken ship

Off the coast of Sicily was discovered a sunken ship, on Board which found the bullion metal items of unknown origin. Divers managed to get about 40 ingot of metal, weapons, armor and helmets. They were forged from an unknown metal. Scientists were sure it is orichalc, which was circulated …

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