Wednesday , January 29 2020
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NASA said when they will find a planet suitable for life

Researchers told about the search for exoplanets NASA said that in the next 20 years, researchers will be able to find the planet inhabited by living organisms. This was reported on the website of the jet propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of technology. Employee NASA Tony del Genio Institute for space …

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Google Pixel 2 XL proved to be suitable for repair

Google Pixel 2 XL recently, but was on the operating table of the portal iFixit today. Frameless apparatus, endowed with giant for its class the screen frames and without dual camera, turned strangely is very suitable to repair. Specialists iFixit noted at once modularity many components of the Google Pixel …

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Near the Earth discovered planet suitable for life

An unusual discovery was made by employees of the University. If you believe the results of a recent study closest to our sun-like star near it can be four presumably sampletable planet, according to astronomers who conducted the study, at least two of these worlds may be inhabited. Star Tau …

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This type of training is suitable for lazy people

Not everyone can afford a vigorous workout. In the mass consciousness of the weight loss always involves overcoming a number of obstacles. This struggle with appetite, and exhausting physical exercise, and counting calories. But losing weight with Pilates is always gentle. The best way to convince all who consider Pilates …

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Scientists have discovered a planet suitable for life

This system can be a potential candidate for future interstellar colonization Two potentially habitable planet discovered by scientists at a distance of 12 light years from Earth. Worlds that are on the edge of the “habitable zone” Tau Ceti, refer to the Solar system, consisting of four rocky planets, in …

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