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Sugar equated addiction to cocaine

Sugar is addictive as cocaine Scientists of the Institute of the cardiovascular system in Kansas found that sugar is even more addictive than the opioid drugs, as evidenced by the results of the experiments conducted on rats. “The consumption of sugar produces an effect similar to the effect of cocaine …

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Named good reasons to give up sugar

Doctors once again explained what would happen to man if he will stop eating sugar.For anybody not a secret that sugar is one of the most harmful products of modernity, which literally causes a huge damage to the health. Fortunately, each person has the opportunity to fix and improve their …

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Nutritionists told why you should replace sugar with honey

Honey is rich in vitamins and minerals. Honey has antibacterial, immunomodulatory, antiviral, antioxidant and other properties that are useful for the human body. At the same time, another sweet product, sugar, is commonly described as a “sweet poison”, as throughout a person’s life it causes tangible harm to the body. …

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What happens to the body, if you completely give up sugar

Experts told about the amazing transformations that take place at refusal of sugar. Nutritionists around the world have long since recognized the sugar enemy number one (not counting the palm oil of course). Many people literally cannot imagine my life without sugar and foods with high content. Let’s find out …

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Debunked the most popular myths about sugar

Everything you need to know about sugar. Hardly left on the earth though one person who is able to absorb sweets and do not experience feelings of guilt, which he imposed on all sides. Talk about the dangers of sugar do not cease for a minute and hear from all …

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An easy way to lower sugar levels in the home

Take care of your health.You can control the symptoms of diabetes, improve liver function and accelerate the treatment of problems is very simple and natural way. This method gives excellent results. Unfortunately, many people do not know about natural methods of treatment and are not able to understand the symptoms …

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