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The EU does not intend to create the command structure of NATO

EBrosius in the framework of strengthening defense cooperation between the member countries did not intend to create the command structure of NATO. Such, in particular, the staff of the Supreme command of the United armed forces of NATO in Europe (SHAPE), said the head of EU diplomacy Federica Mogherini. This …

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The drone found a mysterious ancient structure

Archaeologists use drone discovered on the military training ground of the ancient templeArchaeologists use drone has discovered a mysterious ancient building in the heart of the Israeli military ground. The building, whose age is approximately 2200 years old, could be a temple or Palace of the ancient Edom of culture, …

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In Jerusalem, discovered a unique underground structure

Archaeologists do not exclude that the building appeared 1800 years ago. The Roman theatre was unearthed right in the heart of old Jerusalem. Excavations are at the famous Wailing Wall. The theater may have appeared during the reign of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, about 1800 years ago. Here dungeon riddled …

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Mesmerizing snapshots of the structure of the Nebula Saturn

The Saturn nebula is a spectacular planetary nebula, which contains many morphological and kinematic sub-systems. The European southern Observatory (ESO) released a magnificent image of the Saturn Nebula, located at a distance of about 5000 light years away in the constellation of Aquarius. The image obtained on the Very Large …

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On the moon there is a pyramidal structure. Video

Images transferred to the lunar Orbiter LROC. Mark Sawalha from Finland said that on the moon there is a pyramidal structure near the crater Eudoxus. The man analyzed the images transferred to the lunar orbital station LROC. The message about his discovery enthusiast of contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations, formerly located …

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