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The EU supported the strengthening of sanctions against Russia

The final decision on the strengthening of sanctions could be adopted next week. The European Union had previously supported the German proposal on the inclusion in the sanctions list, a few Russian individuals and companies because of the scandal with the supply of gas turbines for Siemens in the occupied …

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Named the best vitamins for strengthening blood vessels

A good remedy for strengthening blood vessels are vitamin-mineral complexes. To maintain vessels in a healthy condition following the necessary vitamins. vitamin P, or rutin-strengthens capillary walls, lowers blood pressure;vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, increases the permeability of the vascular wall.– vitamin E reduces the fragility of capillaries, prevents the …

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Tested recipes for cleansing and strengthening the blood vessels

For the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis can be used folk remediesAtherosclerosis is a chronic disease of the blood vessels, which on their inner wall deposited “bad” cholesterol and other LDL in the form of raids and platelets, and vessel walls thicken and lose their elasticity. The vessels gradually become …

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Mogherini spoke about the strengthening of military units of the EU

Units are designed to perform within a certain time function of peacekeeping. The head of diplomacy of the European Union Federica Mogherini has called an important decision on Thursday by the EU Council decision on strengthening the “instruments of rapid response, including combat units” of the European Union. “They exist, …

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