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Mexican president vows ‘to tear down the Statue of Liberty’

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador says the symbol of America’s freedom could lose its meaning if Washington refuses to drop charges against Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange, who faces the prospect of 175 years in prison. “If they take him to the United States and he is sentenced to the …

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‘Indiana Jones’ returns statue stolen 50 years ago

A French museum has gotten one of its most valuable artifacts back thanks to the savviness of Dutch art detective Arthur Brand, nicknamed the “Indiana Jones of the art world,” who managed to find the statue of Roman god Bacchus almost half a century after it was stolen. The Musee …

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WATCH man climb BBC to attack statue by controversial artist

A sculpture by British artist Eric Gill perched on the facade of the BBC’s Broadcasting House has been attacked by a hammer-wielding man. Beyond his art, Gill became posthumously infamous for sexually abusing his children and dog. A man climbed a ladder to access the statue, depicting the Shakespearean characters …

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Statue of sitting president toppled & beheaded (PHOTOS)

A newly-unveiled statue of Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in the municipality of Atlacomulco, which has strong ties to the opposition, was knocked down several days after it was inaugurated by a mayor. The statue was unveiled on Thursday in a festive ceremony led by Atlacomulco’s outgoing mayor Roberto …

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