Saturday , September 18 2021
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Protesters worldwide waving US flags as ‘symbol of freedom,’ I have bad news for you – it now stands for Snitch Nation

Large anti-government protests over the weekend saw Cubans chanting “freedom, food, vaccines.” The government blamed US “meddling” and decades-long blockade. One video from the protests showed someone holding up an American flag, prompting a Cuban-American commentator to declare, “Never forget what America represents to millions across the world.” While some …

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Too few black faces, too many white women: As a top BAME exec leaves the BBC, it stands accused of becoming ‘Karenised’

Given the revolving door of back-slapping, overpaid executive media gigs in Britain, which generally consist of haranguing a small army of grunts via iPhone while swanning from one lunch meeting to another (lockdown notwithstanding), ordinarily a sacked hack’s hard luck story wouldn’t rustle one’s notebook. However, having held down jobs …

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