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Stalin in the Church

Today a priest seized the monastery and put under the protection of so-called “Cossacks”. The news is strange, everywhere write about it; I’m also interested. Found the video where the Abbot explains who and why he is fighting in the ROC. He stands in front of the camera in the …

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How it really looked like Moscow under Stalin

So, friends — today will be a very interesting post about how actually looked like Moscow under Stalin. In the comments to my yesterday’s post about what a poor legacy left after Stalin, some readers wrote comments like “well, it’s a province! But Moscow was sucking money from the regions …

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What is really left after Stalin

Today is a very auspicious day — the day of death of the executioner of the peoples of Stalin, who is personally involved in the genocides and wars of the XX century and the tragedy of the Russian people — when the surviving executioners’re trying to trample the memory of …

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A brief report on the conference “Stalin – 140”

Last weekend in Moscow hosted the international scientific conference “Stalin-140”, organized by the Moscow Committee of the CPSU-EIF with the support of the Central Committee of the RKRP-CPSU. For the hypnotic mantras of acronyms hides a good job of specific people who were able to collect a decent list of …

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Why Stalin would have said thank you WADA

Instead of racing for the sport records we need to win where it really matters: the economy, healthcare, education, science. 2019 the year ended for the Russian sports complete embarrassment. The decision to exclude Russia from all major sports, including the Olympic games and world Championships, for a period of …

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