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This fruit will help stabilize your blood sugar levels

Useful properties of plums and prunes.Scientists have found that plums contain large amounts of antioxidants. Just one draining them as much as the handfuls of blueberries, which until recently was considered the most powerful antioxidant. Plum is one of the most juicy and sweet fruit. The season begins with the …

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Doctors suggested to stabilize the pressure without drugs

The doctors tell her who it is useful for potatoes and bananas.Potatoes and bananas are considered dangerous products from the point of view of diets, however, their therapeutic potential is often underestimated by people, said the researchers. Experts told the who did not need to abandon their use. On the …

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Doctors suggested a simple method to stabilize the pressure

Control over one’s own breath is the treatment for hypertension, the researchers found. When a person learns to breathe deeply and slowly, thus it effectively reduces blood pressure. Learning how to regulate your breathing, can help in the treatment of hypertension, if it is to start early. Scientists say that …

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