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Ukrainian refugees in Germany prefer benefits to work – Spiegel

Ukrainian refugees living in Germany have not begun to find jobs more quickly despite the conditions created by the government for their integration into society, Der Spiegel reported on Saturday. According to the publication, while around 700,000 Ukrainians receive ‘citizens’ benefits’ (Buergergeld), most of them do not have legal jobs …

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Secret papers found in German leader’s trash – Der Spiegel

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s wife Britta Ernst has repeatedly disposed of private documents in household garbage, Der Spiegel reported on Friday. Not only were they mixed in with residential waste, in violation of recycling rules, some of them were apparently marked confidential as well. The outlet obtained some of the …

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Germany doesn’t trust Zelensky – Der Spiegel

Germany has been hesitant in sending tanks to Ukraine to counter Russian forces, due to “historical reasons,” government sources have told Der Spiegel magazine. According to the unnamed officials, there is concern within Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s government that Kiev could become over-confident if it achieves a series of victories, and might …

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Russia could soon ‘break’ Ukraine’s defenses – Spiegel

Russian troops could soon wrest the remainder of the Donbass region from Ukraine’s forces, Germany’s foreign intelligence agency, the BND, has warned, according to a report by Der Spiegel magazine. The report cited recent classified BND briefings as saying that the agency “fears that Ukrainian resistance could even be broken …

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Germany’s Spiegel deletes testimony critical of Ukraine 

Citing “discrepancies in content,” the German magazine Der Spiegel has removed a video showing the testimony of an evacuee from Mariupol’s ‘Azovstal’ factory, a stronghold of the neo-Nazi Azov militants and other Ukrainian fighters. The woman in the video had revealed that her family was basically being lied to, held …

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Miranda Kerr is married to billionaire Evan Spiegel

The wedding was attended by about 50 guests – our closest friends and family members. Famous model Miranda Kerr is married to the Creator of the app Snapchat, Evan Spiegel. Wedding supermodel and the billionaire was peaceful and with loved ones. The ceremony took place in the backyard a pair …

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Miranda Kerr is married to Evan Spiegel

EastNews This week Western media reported that allegedly Miranda Kerr will marry Evan Spiegel this weekend. And journalists were right! On Saturday, Miranda and Evan sealed their Union official. The wedding ceremony was held in the couple’s home in Los Angeles. East News The ceremony was seen by only the …

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