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‘Blatant violation of sovereignty’: Iraqi PM, military condemn US airstrikes on its soil against ‘Iran-backed’ militia groups

“We condemn the US air attack that targeted a site last night on the Iraqi-Syrian border, which represents a blatant and unacceptable violation of Iraqi sovereignty and Iraqi national security,” a statement from Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhemi’s office said on Monday. Iraq’s military has produced a similar statement, issuing a …

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EU pledges aid to an anti-Damascus region in the name of Syrian sovereignty but sanctions Assad government for being sovereign

Right after pledging a humanitarian-aid package of some 26 million euro on Wednesday to the Kurdish-controlled breakaway region of Northeastern Syria (NES), EU authorities on Thursday renewed punitive sanctions against the Syrian government of Bashar Assad. That same day, the Syrian leader won re-election as president in a landslide victory, …

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‘Like mafia’: US tramples over European sovereignty in bid to stop Nord Stream 2, EU must FIGHT BACK, German MP tells RT

“Their actions resemble those of a mafia,” Ernst told RT Deutsch on Wednesday, speaking about the renewed threats of US sanctions against European companies involved in the project. Ernst chairs the Committee on Economic Affairs and Energy at the German parliament, the Bundestag. Just like mafia members extorting ‘protection money’ from …

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Where does “sovereignty”

Our government because of their lack of talent are unable to create and provide advanced technologies and high standard of living for all, not just for themselves or for fair and equitable social system, nor to produce samples and standards for the rest — but I really want to be …

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Who needs our sovereignty?

The Russian authorities are defending their own interests instead of promoting the universal principles. Vladimir Putin at every opportunity, stressed that Russia consistently defends its national interests. So in the course of this address to the Federal Assembly, he said: “Russia can be and remain Russia only as a sovereign …

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