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Can Africa replace Russia as the EU’s main source of gas?

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NATO knows Russia won’t really invade Ukraine, source tells media

Despite weeks of escalating tensions and claims that Russian troops and tanks could begin streaming over the border into Ukraine at a moment’s notice, Moscow doesn’t actually appear to be mastermining an invasion of its neighbour, a top NATO official has reportedly admitted. The senior figure, who represents an EU member state …

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Minister reveals source of EU weakness amid 2021’s many crises

Brussels should put politics aside when faced with crucial issues such as vaccination uptake and energy supplies, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told RT, calling for “better cooperation” with the East. Speaking to RT on Friday, Szijjarto said the EU should work with the likes of Hungary and Russia to …

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‘Unfortunate human error’: CNN makes case for trusting anonymous-source echo chamber despite steady stream of fake news

“There are safeguards in place,” CNN media reporter Oliver Darcy told ‘Reliable Sources’ host Brian Stelter on Sunday. “Unfortunately, human error is still at play, and news organizations sometimes do get burned like this.” Darcy was referring to the latest correction debacle involving multiple MSM outlets that supposedly confirmed each …

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FBI pinpoints Capitol protester by open-source investigation alone, though it’s unclear what he could be charged with

Stephen Chase Randolph, a participant in the January 6 raid on the Capitol in Washington, DC, was identified from surveillance footage and photographs using facial recognition software alone, the Huffington Post reported on Tuesday. The suspect’s identity appears to have been triangulated through computerized means alone, according to federal authorities, …

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