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As socialism collapsed in Germany and United Germany

The day of the death of socialism in the GDR is considered to be 9 November 1989 when Berliners heard from a member of the Politburo of the Socialist unity party of Germany (SED) günter Schabowski, that the “GDR citizens will be allowed to apply for a Commission of private …

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“Socialism in the USSR” is a pure hoax

For almost 70 years we were taught: the Great October — the main event of the XX century! Then unexpectedly is a mistake, the main thing — a Great Victory, and October — Yes, it is as if there was… Well, about the Feb decades did not say anything… And …

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Children of socialism

Venezuela took their food and hope for happiness. Now they survive on the streets “I will not allow Hugo Chavez will not let the children of Venezuela besprizornichali. I will not allow Venezuelan children live on the streets!” — such a promise after winning the elections in 1998 gave the …

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