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Doctors told what side to sleep more useful

Experts have proven that the most beneficial sleep on your left side. On what side of the body, sleep is one of the controversial issues in modern medicine. Meanwhile, each side has its compelling arguments “for” and “against”. Meanwhile, after research, doctors came to the conclusion – better to sleep …

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Scientists have discovered what threat to the health of the long sleep

American scientists came to an unexpected result, exploring the influence of sleep on the human body.Participants of the experiment were about 8 thousand volunteers. They regularly undergo medical examinations within 10 years. The dossier of each participant was detailed information on health status, lifestyle, habits and, most importantly, on the …

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Why lack of sleep affects our weight

One of the rules of a healthy lifestyle is sleep, which should be 7-9 hours. In addition to dull complexion, bags under the eyes and chronic fatigue, dismissive attitude to sleep can lead to weight gain. Lack of sleep is one of the causes of overeating and uncontrollable appetite after …

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The experts explained how to sleep for 4 hours a day

Experts cited the example of several methods of polyphasic sleep. We were told many facts about sleep. But did not mention what types of sleep are, what do polyphasic sleep. Monophasic and biphasic sleep Monophasic is when people went to bed in the evening, woke up in the morning. Well, …

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Scientists told how daytime sleep affects health

As it turned out, NAPs can act as a great sedative. In some countries the NAP is the norm, but in Ukraine, for some reason, people are not used to sleep during lunch time, doing their work or household chores. But according to scientists, the rejection of the NAP will …

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