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The girl died accidentally referring to charge iPhone during sleep

The incident occurred in Vietnam. The charging cable from the iPhone 6, which touched a Vietnamese girl during sleep, killed her on the charge current. The lifeless body of a 14‐year-old girl’s parents found until the next morning. After doctors have determined what exactly death occurred, police examined the room …

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Named best products for healthy sleep

Not only a Cup of warm milk will help to sleep better – the experts lists the main products contributing to sound sleep.Experts recommend for better sleep to use during the day foods rich in magnesium and tryptophan yeast extract, fillet of Turkey, bananas, almonds and oatmeal. And before bed …

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The doctors shared effective recipes sound sleep

You need to know about the eight main rules. Good and sound sleep – dream of beauty and health. Healthy sleep gives energy for the day, fresh appearance and good mood. When a person falls asleep, the body begins to work: damaged cells regenerate, the immune system is activated, toxins …

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The doctors explained how posture during sleep affects health

This most do not realize. According to recent studies, sleeping on your left side having a positive effect on the digestive system (especially stomach and pancreas) and the immune system. Thus, improving performance of the whole organism. Increases the ability of the lymphatic system remove from the body various toxins …

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Not to sleep: a unique cap for drivers

Scientists have created a cap that does not allow drivers to fall asleep at the wheel. Its design includes accelerator and gyroscope, and managed it with the help of special software. Developed the innovation experts of the American company Ford, and the engineers of the company GTB. This headgear is …

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These products will help you sleep soundly

Named seven best products. Many of us want to lose weight and think how to eat so that the diet contributed to this. But if you suffer from insomnia or just can’t sleep at night, the question for you is also relevant. After all, the quality of sleep and nutrition …

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