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The price of silence — 150 thousand suicides

Konstantin Minkevich — psychotherapist with experience more than 15 years. Does cognitive therapy work with errors of thinking. Including the issues that arise when trying to understand themselves and each other. In the story of Lieutenant Potapovich there is one question I want to answer in more detail. Why no …

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Channel Kolomoisky filled “day of silence” projects Zelensky

Election campaigning ends 24 hours last Friday before election day. April 20, in the “day of silence” before the second round of the presidential elections, on the TV channel “1+1” is scheduled to show the film with the participation of the candidate in presidents Vladimir Zelensky, and projects headed by …

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Commanded to keep silence even quieter

Teach the conveniences we took the people, which incomes fall for the fifth consecutive year. People go berserk, and he was silenced, promising “eternal Putinism.” No sooner had the citizens get used to the idea that soon they will be fined for “clear disrespect” to the government, as there was …

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New Year “Silence”

Receptive to the sounds of the monsters? The post-Apocalypse? Deaf girl? Somewhere I recently saw…) (C) Yes, the synopsis of the movie “Silence” (The Silence) is suspiciously reminiscent of the recent hit “Quiet place”. That’s just “Silence” based on a novel by writer Tim Lebbon, and the book was published …

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