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US senators propose punishment for major ally

US weapons should be withdrawn from Saudi Arabia as punishment for oil output cuts, announced last week by the de-facto leader of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Democratic lawmakers have said. “For several years, the US military has deployed Patriot missile defense batteries to Saudi Arabia to …

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Senators want Pentagon to be more green

Citing the US military’s carbon emissions footprint, a group of senior Senate Democrats officially introduced a bill on Monday that would require the Pentagon to buy electric vehicles starting later this year. Spearheaded by Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) and Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii), the Military Vehicle Fleet Electrification Act would apply to …

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Senators call for opening fallow US land to crops amid Ukraine crisis

Republican lawmakers are pressing President Joe Biden’s administration to allow farmers to plant crops on millions of fallow acres through a federal conservation program, saying larger US harvests would help stabilize food prices and prevent famine amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict. At issue are the more than 4 million acres of …

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US senators propose plan for seized Russian assets

A bill that would allow the use of Russian assets seized by Washington to fund aid to Ukrainian refugees and the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine is being introduced in the US Senate. The RELIEF (Repurposing Elite Luxuries Into Emergency Funds) for Ukraine Act is being proposed by Colorado’s Democratic senator, …

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US Senators in Ukraine call

A group of politicians from the US Senate Intelligence Committee has called on President Joe Biden to ensure that Washington shares as much intelligence as possible with Ukraine, amidst fears that Russia is planning an invasion in the near future. In a bipartisan statement, the committee called on the White …

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Russian senators look to tax Facebook & Google

That’s according to Senator Alexey Pushkov, who revealed on Friday that the Federation Council Commission on Information Policy and Cooperation with the Media is looking at the best way to tax foreign websites. Speaking to the TASS news agency, Pushkov explained that Russia is going to develop national legislation while …

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American senators propose branding Russia ‘state sponsor of terrorism’

Eight Republican party legislators submitted the bill on Wednesday, naming it the GUARD Act, which stands for Guaranteeing Ukraine’s Autonomy by Reinforcing its Defense. The proposed legislation includes a range of measures designed to support Kiev, including authorizing $450 million in foreign military financing in 2022 and promising to designate …

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Brazilian senators vote to charge President Jair Bolsonaro with crimes against humanity for his handling of Covid pandemic

The vote, which marked the culmination of a six-month inquiry into the Brazilian government’s handling of the Covid pandemic, saw the Senate back a report which called for charges against Bolsonaro, including for crimes against humanity, misusing public funds, and spreading fake news. The allegations levelled against Bolsonaro claim that …

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