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‘They just want to defend Biden,’ The Scoop co-founder tells RT after Facebook ban, accusing platforms of anti-conservative bias

Facebook permanently disabled Strange’s account together with that of The Scoop’s other co-founder, Cameron Shizznit, for violating “community standards” earlier this week. It came shortly after the Mark Zuckerberg-owned platform yanked the duo’s group, called “Patriots Against Joe Biden.” In a message justifying the deletion, Facebook said that any “pages …

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One photo. Behind the facade of a scoop

    So, friends — today I have another post rubric “one photo”, which recently appeared in my blog. By the way, be sure and go to other posts of this column — there is a lot of interesting. This is a picture I wanted to include one of his …

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How Finland fought off the scoop

So, friends — this week I publish a series of posts about Finland — where I recently returned, and where a lot of things witnessed and learned — so be sure to add us as a friend and subscribe to my telegram channel — who have not already done so. …

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