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The engine failure of Airbus A380 in-flight scare passengers

Passengers are not seriously scared by the possible consequences. The Airbus A380 Air France collapsed casing of the engine. The incident occurred during a flight from Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle to Los Angeles. The liner carried out flight AF66. It is reported that the aircraft landed safely at the …

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Fighters scare the residents of Donbass staged attacks

The terrorists intimidated the local population of the occupied areas of Donbass, to call into their ranks new recruits. Militants in ORDA performed and staged provocative attacks, fake attacks, accusing the leadership of Ukraine of disrupting the Minsk agreements. About this Facebook reports the Department of intelligence of the Ministry …

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Ukrainian drivers scare new checks

Deputies plan to tighten control over the sobriety of motorists. Ukrainian lawmakers have decided to toughen the punishment for driving under the influence. The other day in the Verkhovna Rada was registered the draft law No. 6679, which was signed by 11 MPs from the different political factions. The document …

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Ukrainian drivers scare the astronomical fines

Ukrainian drivers decided to punish the “local currency” even more than before. It is noted that according to official statistics, since the beginning of this year, the police made 46 thousands of protocols for driving while intoxicated. It is noteworthy that the number of cases of drunk driving has not …

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The prices of vegetables and fruits scare Ukrainians

Experts blame the cold spring. The experts of the sector to explain current prices by problems with the crop due to cold spring. As explained by an analyst of the Ukrainian agrarian Confederation Dmitry Dane, due to the cold spring soil harvest was late. And greenhouse vegetables have always been …

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Which movie/TV series has managed to scare you lately?

Continue the conversation begun by the surveys When and what started your love for horror? and the Literature of horror: What book (novel, story, story) could cause you to have tremors?. Movie (here TV add) is a more popular art form than literature. So if you haven’t read horror (you …

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