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NASA showed a raging storm on Saturn

Images captured by Cassini NASA has published several photos of Saturn taken by the Cassini spacecraft on the solstice. The photographs of the hexagonal storm that is raging above the planet’s surface, as stated on the Agency’s website.Experts have commented on the picture, noting that during the mission the probe …

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Cassini has captured raging storm on Saturn

The images were sent to Earth and made public by NASA.The spacecraft Cassini, which wanders the expanse of Saturn, photographed by the famous hexagonal vortex in the solstice. This was reported on the website NASA. Pictures of the device made on the second day of solstice. Such an amazing phenomenon …

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Cassini showed bright clouds on Saturn

Station, Cassini passed Titan unique pictures. Station, Cassini transmitted to Earth the huge cloud bands on Saturn’s moon Titan. The picture was published on the website NASA. As underlined by the Agency, the image of the methane cloud received when she was at a distance of 508 thousand kilometers from …

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Station, Cassini recorded the sounds of Saturn

Now the sound of Saturn is the plasma wave. Station, Cassini recorded the sounds of Saturn with the help of a science instrument RPWS (Radio and Plasma Wave Science). Now the sound of Saturn is plasma wave, which creates charged particles of the inner ring D of the planet, according …

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NASA released incredible images of Saturn’s rings

Cassini photographed Saturn’s rings as close as possible. Automatic interplanetary station for the first time in the history prolateral between the rings and the main part of the planet. Unique photos and video frames perfectly are distinguishable hurricane vortices in the upper atmospheric layers of the heavenly bodies. The head …

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