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Uzhgorod invites to the tasting of wines from Sakura

Transcarpathian winemakers offer new. In Uzhgorod for two days – 13 and 14 April – last wine festival “SakuraWine”, which will be held in the framework of the “Sakura-fest”. Their products at the event will represent 20 winemakers from across the country, 14 of them local Zakarpattia. “Of course, all …

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In Germany bloomed Sakura

Alternative Japan.Decorated with flowers Bonn: the streets of Western German cities were covered with pink paint – there bloomed Sakura. Thousands of fragile little flowers attract residents not only for its beauty, but also delicate scent. Sakura alley in Bonn planted over 30 years ago, when the restored old streets …

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In Uzhgorod will host the “Sakura-fest”

Guests will find plenty of entertainment. In the regional center of Transcarpathia from 12 to 27 April will be a traditional “Sakura-fest”. Uzhgorod city Council published the program of the main events of the festival. So guests in particular, are waiting for the exhibition of Easter eggs, hip-hop championship Show …

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Became known, when in Transcarpathia bloom Sakura

When is the peak of flowering.After a week the Carpathians begin to be covered by a “blanket” of soft pink petals of Sakura. This was stated by the expert in the Transcarpathian tourism Maksim Adamenko in Facebook. “After a week in the Carpathians bloom Sakura! Peak flowering is expected in …

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In Tokyo bloomed Sakura

Sakura bloomed 5 days earlier than usual. In Tokyo bloomed Sakura, and with it began the period, which the Japanese call “Hanami”. This is a special time when residents of the city spend more time in nature, watching the flowering trees. To do this, even take a weekend and entire …

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In the winery among the winter bloom of Sakura

This is an extremely warm winter. In Vinnitsa in the early days of the new year blossomed Sakura. Vinnitsa residents can watch the blooming Japanese trees on the street Porika. The reason was the abnormally warm weather in the winter. The photo shows that blossomed two trees. Except pink flowers, …

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Abnormal in Mukachevo bloomed Sakura

This is not the first such case. In Mukachevo on a nearby tree with yellowed leaves blossomed pink cherry blossoms. Sakura is not the first time surprises Mukacheve and guests of the abnormal flowering. Japanese cherry the locals jokingly nicknamed “mad” due to flowering several times a year. The tree …

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Enchanting beauty: in Kiev blossomed Sakura

The network appeared impressive photos cherry blossom in Kiev.In the Metropolitan Park of Kyoto continue to bloom the cherry trees. Because ahead of a long weekend, we recommend you to allocate time to go and enjoy the blooming trees. Park Kyoto is located in Dneprovsky district, metro station and Chernihiv …

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Enchanting beauty: in Uzhgorod blossomed Sakura

Uzhgorod admiring the delicate cherry blossoms.In Uzhgorod blossomed Sakura – the city literally has changed color. How wrote on his page in Facebook the Governor of the region Gennady Moskal, Sakura (Japanese cherry) is present Transcarpathia from Czechoslovakia in the 20-ies of the last century when our region was part …

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