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In the post-pandemic era, how shall we live with these smart new robots that claim they’re ‘a person who is not a human’?

One positive development during the Covid pandemic has been the deployment of virus zapping robots and telemedicine to fight the virus. Disinfectant robots, armed with powerful ultraviolet emitters for decontaminating surfaces, have been mobilised and sent into battle from Wuhan and East Asia through Rome and Veneto to Houston, Texas. …

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Russian engineers introduced robots to fight COVID-19

To defeat the pandemic will help robots. Russian engineers presented a modern technology that can be used in the fight against coronavirus. A robot therapist is able to diagnose. Autonomous terminals in the shortest time will determine the body temperature, the measurement takes place automatically, without contact with the apparatus. …

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Why in Russia even robots lying and rude

Artificial intelligence can be smarter, more honest and more professional developers. Friend received a letter from the airline: flight registration, do not forget that your rate does not provide baggage. Man in shock, because I bought a ticket with the Luggage. Calls to the company. The robot stiffly, ignoring the …

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Scientists have proposed to beat the robots to relieve stress

The object recognizes swear words, “absorbing” them and “recycles” the light of day. A group of researchers from the University Carnegie Mellon has introduced a new development designed to simplify the process of stress relief and relaxation. It is proposed to use four kinds of “cathartic” robots. First in the …

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In Poland began to “employ” robots

The robot is not ill and can work round the clock. Polish HR-firm Antal and IT company Pirxon created “the Agency of the employment of robots”. It is expected that robots would be cheaper low-skilled workers. Employers in Poland will be able to hire robots. They will carry out repetitive …

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Debts of Russians will begin to beat robots-collectors

In Russia from September 1 this year, all debtors and mortgage holders know for yourself about what is high technology. VTB Bank is introducing most of these robots-collectors who will be engaged in knocking out debt to anyone who owes the Bank at least a ruble. At the moment, VTB …

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