Thursday , October 22 2020
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The presence of the king in the modern world is ridiculous

Amendments to the Constitution of the eternal zero has already entered into force. This follows not only from the procedure for adoption of amendments to the Constitution, but from yesterday’s announcement. Many lawyers drew attention to the fact that the decree of the President of the directly contradicts the labour …

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Poklonskaya scored another ridiculous gem

Poklonskaya commented on the protests in Yekaterinburg. The controversial Crimean Prosecutor “nyash-myash” Poklonskaya Natalia amused network the new pearl about the protests in Yekaterinburg. “The Deputy of the state Duma of Russia Natalia Poklonskaya believes that the protesters in Yekaterinburg was subjected to neuro-linguistic programming. In her opinion, this is …

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Adviser to Putin laugh a ridiculous statement about the Donbass

The land of Donbass supposedly inhabit the immigrants from Israel. Advisor to the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, Sergei Glazyev, said that the new Ukrainian government headed by elected President Vladimir Zelensky is Russian attempt “to settle the Donbass Jews.” He noted that East Ukraine “will be cleansed” from Russian. “Perhaps …

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Ridiculous work from would-be tattooists

Something went wrong. To make a tattoo or not is a personal choice. Sometimes you get really cool work. But if the customer or tattoo artist a bit, it is unlikely that the design on the body will be high-quality. Compilation with horrible tattoos that are urgently needed to reduce.

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