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More US Republicans support sending army into Mexico – Politico

US Republicans are increasingly warming to the idea of waging war against Mexico’s powerful drug cartels, according to Politico, which spoke to several lawmakers in the party about the controversial idea. Former president Donald Trump is eager to send “special forces” south of the border to take out the cartels, …

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Republicans demand Ukraine aid oversight

The House Oversight Committee demanded on Wednesday that the Pentagon, State Department and US Agency for International Development prove that the $113 billion in military and economic aid allocated to Ukraine isn’t being lost to “waste, fraud, and abuse.” In a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Secretary of State …

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House Republicans to investigate Biden family

Republican lawmakers announced on Thursday that they would probe whether US President Joe Biden had been “swayed by foreign dollars or influence” through his son, Hunter Biden. President Biden met with more than a dozen of Hunter’s foreign associates, including the executive of a Ukrainian energy firm that employed the …

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Republicans favored to retake US House, Senate up for grabs

The Republican Party is on course to regain control of the US House of Representatives, according to several news organizations that are tracking the midterm election vote count. In the Senate, the Democrats and GOP are neck and neck. According to AP, Democrats and Republicans so far have 47 seats …

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US Republicans demand FBI release Trump search affidavit

Republican lawmakers are demanding the affidavit used as the basis for the search warrant issued for former US President Donald Trump’s Palm Beach home be unsealed, arguing the extraordinary step of sending the FBI in to seize documents from a former president’s residence requires proof of equally extraordinary justification.  Unsealing …

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Republicans vow to investigate FBI’s Trump raid

US House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-California) and other Republican lawmakers have condemned President Joe Biden’s administration for raiding the Florida home of Donald Trump, warning that they will investigate politicization of the Department of Justice (DOJ) when they take back control of Congress. “The Department of Justice has reached …

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Texas Republicans declare Biden ‘not legitimately elected’

Texas Republicans adopted a plank to their platform declaring the 2020 election of Democrat Joe Biden as US president to be illegitimate on Saturday during the party’s first in-person convention since 2018. It was one of several planks signaling the party’s further shift rightward. “We reject the certified results of …

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House Republicans slam ‘woke’ Pentagon spending

The US Department of Defense is splurging too much money on promoting Pride Month, while neglecting “military preparedness,” a faction of Republican congressmen has charged, in a letter to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. The representatives say they want full accounting of the DOD’s use of taxpayer dollars spent on …

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