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A terrible discovery: 11 bags of human remains found in Mexico

Experty forensic already started analysis of fragments of human bodies. In the West of Mexico near the city Chilapa (state of Guerrero) found about 11 bags of human remains. According to the report, forensic experts have started work with the found fragments of bodies, however, not yet established how many …

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Apple iPhone 7 Plus remains the leader in AnTuTu

Published relevant data on the most powerful smartphones to date. The list provided by the authors of the benchmark AnTuTu, globally recognized, and we also use it for tests smartphones. The information given is current at the end of February of the current year, and the first place in the …

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In China found the remains of a people of unknown origin

Archaeologists stumbled upon the skull of the subspecies of extinct humans. Archaeologists from China and the United States found in the Chinese city of Xuchang two skulls belonging to a previously unknown species of man. Scientists came to the conclusion that the remains belonged to a “hybrid” of modern man …

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In Morocco have discovered the remains of ancient creatures

Moroccan scientists recently discovered the creature belongs to the order of fossil molluscs. Found similarities with snails. This creature received the name Calvapilosa kroegeri. Thanks to computer tomography, scientists were able to accurately research found fossilized specimens. Well-preserved “snail” moved on the seabed due to a single leg, but comparing …

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Found ancient remains of a pregnant reptiles

Reptile could attack from a distance, before the attack, curving his neck with a length of about two meters. An international group of scientists found that dinocephalians belonging to the same group as dinosaurs, birds and crocodiles, give birth to live young, not eggs. Experts have found that, after studying …

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