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When the weak become weapons: Are refugees fleeing bloody Middle East fighting really part of Russian plan to destabilize Europe?

Conflict turns people into refugees, either within their own country or by forcing them to seek safety across borders. In recent years, though, there have been allegations that these flows of people have been “weaponized” against countries by supposedly antagonistic states. However, such allegations can themselves serve a purpose in …

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Germany reached agreement on return of refugees from 14 countries

Angela Merkel has reached an agreement with 14 countries of the migrants.For Angela Merkel, these agreements are important for the preservation of her government. The coalition partners gave her an ultimatum. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has obtained the consent of 14 of the EU countries to accelerate the return of …

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Italy once again refused to accept the ship with refugees

Lifeline has rescued over 200 migrants in Mediterranean sea, Italy refuses to let them. The German charity organization Lifeline 21 Jun saved 224 refugee in international waters of the Mediterranean sea. Interior Minister and Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Italy Matteo Salvini refused to allow the ship …

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The Russians asked the status of refugees in Ukraine

Three Russians asked for asylum in UkraineThree citizens of the Russian Federation 27, 38 and 45 years in the week asked about the status of refugees because of persecution in Russia. On Saturday, 2 December, the press service of the State border service of Ukraine. “One of them arrived this …

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In Germany, planned the deportation of Syrian refugees

The question is raised, as the situation in Syria has changed considerably. According to the publication, the policy of the coalition of CDU/CSU going to deport Syrian refugees in the summer of 2018. Such measures at the forthcoming conference of the interior Ministers of Germany propose to discuss the policy …

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Israel deports 40 thousand refugees

After the erection of the barrier on the border of Israel with Egypt, the flow of refugees has almost stopped, said the Prime Minister of Israel.Israel plans to expel from its territory about 40 thousand African refugees. About it on November 19 at the government meeting said Prime Minister Benjamin …

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