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Artificial intelligence helped to create realistic hair in games

Current methods for hair rendering like the NVIDIA GameWorks HairWorks or lead to significant performance degradation. Researchers from the University of southern California, Pinscreen and Microsoft have developed a technique for hair rendering, based on the methods of deep learning. Researchers in AI believe that a convolutional neural network will …

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Ultra-realistic paintings, painted by knife. Photo

Scratched pictures Katie Siter. On the creation of his masterpieces Cathy Sheeter spends sometimes several months. But it’s worth it – just look how realistic her work paintings, executed in an unusual technique. No brushes and palettes! The artist his paintings did not write, and scratches holes in a variety …

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Realistic drawings by self-taught artist. Photo

A self-taught artist creates photorealistic drawings in pencilLooking at the fantastic pictures of this artist, it’s hard to believe that he is self – taught. Master pays special attention to detail that makes his works look like photos. All the stories the artist tells the imagination, why in each painting …

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Ultra-realistic Japanese robot laugh Network users

People don’t believe that is a robot. In Japan the exhibition of the technical achievements of the Tokyo Games Show showed a young female Android, which is like two drops of water similar to human. Internet users argue whether captured on video the beautiful robot. Journalists suggest that amazing girl …

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Incredibly realistic three-dimensional picture. Photo

Hyper realistic works of the Chinese artist Lillian LeeChinese artist creates beautiful 3D paintings in small containers. Looking at her work, it seems that one has only to touch the fish immediately begin to spread out in different directions. The basis of creativity of the artist Lillian Lee (Lillian Lee) …

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