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EU top diplomat can’t hide his racist worldview – Lavrov

Calling African countries easy to manipulate is on brand for Josep Borrell, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Tuesday, responding to the EU foreign policy chief’s remarks that accused Moscow of “spreading misinformation.” Borrell had addressed EU diplomats earlier in the day, accusing Russia of using “information manipulation and …

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US security agencies warn more racist attacks coming

Law enforcement should be prepared for racially-motivated violence inspired by the writings of the Buffalo supermarket shooter, the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and National Counterterrorism Center warned in a memo circulated on Wednesday. The authorities warned that potential mass shooters may be motivated to commit “copycat” massacres if they …

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Activists claim US school lunches are racist

Dozens of US race and food activist groups have reportedly signed on to a letter accusing the federal government of “dietary racism” in its program for free or subsidized school lunches, saying the USDA is forcing millions of non-white, lactose-intolerant children to drink cow’s milk. The National School Lunch Program …

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US judge resigns over racist comments towards robbery suspect

An American judge who was caught using the N-word to describe a black burglar who tried breaking into her car has resigned and apologized for her comments. Lafayette, Louisiana City Court Judge Michelle Odinet stepped down from her position on Friday and asked for forgiveness after she was caught on …

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Math test for teachers ruled racist

The Ontario Divisional Court ordered the Ontario College of Teachers last week to “grant certification to teacher candidates who have not passed the Mathematics Proficiency Test,” citing “disparities in success rates of standardized testing based on race.” Noting that there is an “under-representation of racialized teachers in Ontario schools,” the …

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Don’t use racist word ‘looting’, experts in US media warn

The lecture on linguistics came after the San Francisco Bay area police departments had described a series of brazen thefts at luxury retail outlets over the weekend as looting. Lorenzo Boyd, a professor of criminal justice and community policing at the University of New Haven, told ABC7 news channel on …

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DOJ launches probe into ‘racist’ sewage in rural Alabama

“Sanitation is a basic human need, and no one in the United States should be exposed to risk of illness and other serious harm because of inadequate access to safe and effective sewage management,” Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke said on Tuesday, announcing the investigation. The Civil Rights Division will …

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Yes, steam trains are now to be declared racist

I pity the poor trainspotters. You know, those nerds in anoraks who stand on bridges and hang around railway stations so they can scribble down the latest sighting of iconic choo-choo trains such as the Flying Scotsman, the Mallard or the Tees-Tyne Pullman. I mean, what harm did those freaks …

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Buttigieg explains how he’ll deconstruct ‘racist’ US roadways

Buttigieg spoke to the White House press corps on Monday, explaining how President Joe Biden’s ‘Justice40’ agenda would apply to “equity” in infrastructure, delivering at least 40% of the benefits to “disadvantaged communities.” “Can you give us the construct of how you will deconstruct the racism that was built into …

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