Thursday , October 17 2019
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In China have carried out quantum video call

Quantum communication uses subatomic particles, photons, to transmit data using the principles of quantum mechanics. The researchers were able to make the first quantum secure video call between the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Call and data transfer was carried out with the help of …

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Scientists closer to creating a quantum computer

Atom serves to influence electrodes. Australian researchers have developed a new type of qubit is the building block of quantum computers. It will make possible the production of a large quantum computer. In the new model, the qubits are phosphorus atoms in the silicon substrate, and to manipulate their value …

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China has approved the quantum line communications

Unusual technology passed the state certification. The world’s first quantum secure line of communication, created in China, passed technical inspection and is ready to start operation, according to the University of science and technology of China. Recall that the line of quantum communication is completed after 42 months of construction …

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