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West pushing Moscow toward ‘artificial’ default – Kremlin

Western countries are trying to engineer an artificial default in Russia, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Wednesday. There is no reason for the country to renege on its obligations, he added. During a briefing with journalists, Peskov was asked whether the recent EU sanctions against Russia’s central securities depository, …

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London pushing Kiev ‘down warpath’ – Russian ambassador

London is continuing to push Kiev “down the warpath” by providing military support and arms deliveries to Ukraine, Russian Ambassador to the UK Andrey Kelin said on Tuesday. “London has been driving Kiev down the warpath with all its might, this is important, and has not allowed it to turn …

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Why Klaus Schwab is pushing Critical Race Theory

The World Economic Forum, the exclusive talk shop that meets yearly in Davos, is at it again, this time looking to drive a wedge between the races. This begs the question: Why are capitalists so gung-ho about ‘Marxist’ ideology? Once upon a time, in some mythical ‘golden age’, the only …

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China accuses MI6 chief of pushing ‘fake news’

In a statement on Tuesday, the Chinese Embassy in the UK dismissed allegations levied against Beijing that China actively seeks to snare poorer nations in “debt traps” and steals valuable strategic data from these countries.   The embassy claimed that Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) chief Richard Moore, who made the …

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‘Plan B’ vaccine passports could FUEL Covid-19, pushing Brits into poorly ventilated smaller venues, leaked govt report warns

Boris Johnson’s ‘Plan B’ measures to battle the coronavirus may have unintended consequences, a government assessment, seen by The Telegraph, has warned. The plan would require people over the age of 18 to produce proof of being double-vaccinated to visit certain large hospitality and entertainment venues, as well as sporting …

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