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Hurricane Maria turned Puerto Rico into ruins. Photo

The damage from elements is estimated at $30 billion. Hurricane “Maria” almost completely destroyed in Puerto Rico – a small island nation in the Caribbean sea. Because of the storm the island was without electricity, residential neighborhoods buried under the ruins, completely destroyed the field and over 70 thousand people …

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Devastating hurricane “Maria” reached the coast of Puerto Rico

As a result of hurricane Puerto Rico remained without electricity. Yet another devastating hurricane Maria formed in the Atlantic, reached the coast of Puerto Rico. According to the latest information, on account of a hurricane for 8 victims. Hurricane “Maria” has already received the fifth highest level of risk. Before …

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Puerto Rico residents came to referendum

Residents of Puerto Rico vote on the referendum on state status of their Islands.“The inhabitants of the territory I propose to answer how they see its future status: an independent state, joining the United States of America on the rights of the state or maintaining the current status, which is …

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