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Toys that can injure even the psyche of the adult

Squashed by the cat, Russian roulette and other horrors We offer you a selection of strange toys that don’t even know what to do: in horror to grab his head, or laugh hysterically? These products can not only traumatize the child’s psyche. Terrible boy-crab. It was probably created in order …

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Debunked the myth about the danger of cats to the psyche

The connection between cats and the development of mental disorders from their owners was not detected. English researchers had to work hard to refute the results of sensational over the last couple years of experimentation. Allegedly, the owners of the cats increases the risk of schizophrenia, suicidal and unreasonable outbursts …

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Selfies have a negative impact on the human psyche

To your ideas in fact no one likes Scientists from the Munich Ludwig-Maximilian University found evidence that most people, as it turns out, gives me no pleasure to look at other people’s selfies. Moreover, the regular practice of photography itself can have a negative impact on the human psyche. As …

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