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‘Over-the-horizon’ is just the newest buzz phrase for American incompetence – as proven by recent drone strikes in Afghanistan

The August 26 suicide bombing outside Hamid Karzai International Airport in the Afghan capital killed more than 150 people, including 13 American troops. The Islamic State-Khorasan, or ISIS-K, claimed responsibility for the attack.  That night, in a televised address to the American people, President Joe Biden declared “We will not …

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Ex-spies (and proven liars) ‘deeply suspicious’ of Russian involvement, based on ZERO EVIDENCE, so hush up about Hunter Biden

Never mind the undenied fact that reports about the Biden crime family’s influence-peddling business are based on the actual emails of Biden’s son, Hunter. Never mind that the revelations aren’t only about Hunter Biden. Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden is allegedly the heavily compensated “big guy” at the top, and …

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The attractiveness of investment proven!

The crowd of some analysts, tram economists, a Horde of advisers and bums scratching their heads over how to increase the investment attractiveness of Russia and to improve its investment climate. Program writing, conferences, in St. Petersburg has once again held on this topic as much as a international forum. …

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How quickly to raise blood pressure: proven ways

These methods will be useful to those who does not help coffee. Blood pressure can fall at any moment and the reasons for this is more than enough. Usually, hypotonia suffer with severe blood loss, after surgery, due to emotional strain, anxiety and stress. Also, the cause of low pressure …

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Proven: sugary drinks cause obesity

European scientists have analysed several dozens of scientific works and have confirmed that the consumption of beverages with sugar is associated with overweight and obesity in children and adults. Researchers believe that the health care systems of States should take measures that help to limit consumption of soda and other …

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