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Scientists have proved the benefits of the five-day fasting

Fasting promotes rejuvenation of the body. Scientists have documented that the sharp cuts in the amount of calories in the diet for a short period is correlated with reduced markers of aging. Thus it is possible to increase life expectancy, experts believe. The authors of this hypothesis were American scientists …

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Scientists have proved that potatoes can grow on Mars

Experimentally confirmed: the red planet can grow vegetables.Successfully completed an experiment, which last year began, researchers from the International centre of potato (CIP) in conjunction with consultants from NASA. In February 2016, scientists put “Mars” potatoes. And in March of this year announced that he ascended. Thus the experimenters almost …

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Proved the existence of parallel Universes

Scientists have found three factors that can confirm their words.The universe was formed at infinity. This suggests that of the many particles could be formed in other Universes. The second reason researchers call an infinite number of worlds. 13.8 billion years ago with the help of the dense matter created …

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The Saturn proved the existence of the warm ocean

Scientists have discovered the intense thermal radiation coming from the interior of Enceladus. NASA astronomers analyzed images of Enceladus, and now sure that the ocean of the satellite is warmer than previously thought. Warm ocean on Saturn’s moon Enceladus is hidden inside the celestial body under the surface. The ice …

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Eva Longoria proved that age is not important

41 Eva Longoria looks beautiful. Slim trim figure, the actress is the envy of many Hollywood stars. Longoria shot for a men’s glossy GQ Mexico in a tight black latex mini dress. Photos have already appeared in the social network. We will remind, earlier, despite his age, Eva Longoria stated …

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