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Scientists have proved that a person has a soul

Now it became clear that people after death can hear and understand what is happening around them.It is important to understand that any death occurs when one of the two or in the presence of two conditions: either the heart stops functioning, or brain. Scientists at new York University found …

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Olga Cybulski proved that she is a Frank dresses

The singing, the presenter boasted of the evening. On his page in Instagram Olga Cybulski has shared a new selfie. In the photo the body of a star captured in a black dress with a revealing deep cleavage in front of mirror. Olga made the emphasis in the makeup on …

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Google Pixel 2 XL proved to be suitable for repair

Google Pixel 2 XL recently, but was on the operating table of the portal iFixit today. Frameless apparatus, endowed with giant for its class the screen frames and without dual camera, turned strangely is very suitable to repair. Specialists iFixit noted at once modularity many components of the Google Pixel …

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Physics proved the impossibility of living in the matrix

The study suggests the impossibility of creating illusions of reality. Physicists from Israel and Russia have demonstrated that mankind does not live in the matrix. The study of the Zohar Ringel and Dmitry Kovrizhin conducted at the Centre for theoretical physics. R. Peierls of Oxford University, published in Science Advances. …

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Ukrposhta with humor proved that it is steeper Twitter

Ukrposhta offers to switch to telegram. After Twitter announced a possible increase in messages up to 280 characters in “Ukrposhta” decided to recall their experience. So, on the official page in Facebook of “Ukrposhta” message appears, which indicates their “advantage” in communication, when the telegram maximum 300 words, not just …

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Scientists have proved that the spontaneous origin of life

The researchers assessed the ability of the molecules to the selfligation. Scientists from the U.S. and South Africa proved that a short nucleotide chains of RNA can spontaneously connect with each other and form large molecules. This ability is necessary for the occurrence in its primeval soup of compounds with …

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Bacteria on the ISS proved to be resistant to antibiotics

Escherichia coli was grown in parallel on the ISS and on Earth.Grown on the International space station, Escherichia coli was the most resistant to antibiotics in contrast to the “earthly” counterparts. Researchers from Denmark, Germany, USA and Brazil have determined that the bacteria in low gravity conditions start to protect …

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Scientists have proved the existence of the diamond rain

The researchers were able to observe the transformation of hydrocarbons into carbon crystals. American and Chinese scientists in the experiment reproduced the conditions within Uranus and Neptune. The researchers were able to observe the transformation of hydrocarbons into carbon crystals, which proves the existence in the depths of gas giants …

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