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Proper nutrition is able to get rid of blood pressure problems

Hypernicum and hypotensive note – a balanced diet can work wonders. Food with low salt and lots of fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy helps lower blood pressure better than medication after just four weeks, according to scientists from Harvard University. According to information received, such a diet reduces the pressure …

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Doctors called the main mistakes of proper nutrition

Observing all the rigors of a new diet, do not overdo it with the restrictions.Everything is good in moderation: even the most severe diet will never work in your favor, if you fanatically and meticulously will give all the things clamoring for your body. Began to notice that new diet …

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These bad habits interfere with the proper nutrition

We often promise to start eating healthy food and start a new life but on the promises it comes. And all because of our daily habits create barriers to a healthy lifestyle. If you still decided great to eat, pay attention to the characteristic bad habits that prevent this. Infrequent …

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Important foods for proper brain functioning

For good memory and clear mind. Want to improve brain work and memory? Chop the spinach. Boil a couple of eggs. Stew fish. And season with walnut oil. The recipe is quick and clear mind — proper nutrition. Berries Each little berry is hidden is a huge benefit. For example, …

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How to establish a proper sleep mode

Teach baby to fall asleep independently: stages of the activity and rituals. Before the question’s dream, had no grounds for ambiguity daytime sleep was mandatory for preschoolers and evening sending to sleep has been tied to the program “good night, kids”. Today, theories on parenting, tens, and approaches and methods …

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