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“Cessation of lawlessness is a difficult and long process”

Nine new faces protest in Russia. Dossier Another wave of protest that rose against the background of non-admission of candidates to the Moscow city Duma, showed the new face of the opposition movement. Candidates, lawyers, journalists and students organized rallies and satisfied the hunger strike, speak to the media …

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Farcical process

I continue to gleefully make fun of my sports colleagues and comrades who think that the process of Kokorin and Mamaev’s going to be something unprecedented that there violated some rules, and even perverted justice. Welcome to the real world, fans standings, and fixtures of overtime! Everything develops more or …

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Intimate process Bogomolov shocked Network. Video

In the frame were an unusual pairing process, during which the female praying mantis bite off the male’s head. Scientists have removed the pairing of female and male praying mantis, in which the male loses his head before the start of the process. Zoologist Mike Maxwell stressed that such a …

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