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Apple CEO demands federal privacy law

Apple CEO Tim Cook has penned a letter to the US Congress urging lawmakers to enact federal privacy legislation. The law being requested would forbid app developers from passing user data to third parties without consent, and would crack down on targeted advertising. Apple is apparently better positioned than its …

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Mental health and prayer apps have ‘worst’ privacy – survey

Despite their warm fuzzy packaging and seemingly altruistic intentions, mental health and prayer apps are “worse than any other product” when it comes to user privacy and security, an analysis by browser firm Mozilla revealed on Monday. “The vast majority of mental health and prayer apps are exceptionally creepy,” Mozilla’s …

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Facebook leak reveals new privacy concerns

Facebook has acknowledged that even its own privacy engineers struggle to understand how users’ personal data is processed and stored in a recently-leaked document published by the Motherboard news outlet on Wednesday. “We’ve built systems with open borders,” the document, apparently written by privacy engineers working on the Ad and …

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DC AG adds Zuckerberg as defendant in Facebook privacy lawsuit, claims he was ‘personally involved’ in Cambridge Analytica debacle

“I just added Mark Zuckerberg as a defendant in my lawsuit against Facebook,” Racine declared on Twitter, claiming that his “continuing investigation” has revealed Zuckerberg “was personally involved in decisions related to Cambridge Analytica and Facebook’s failure to protect user data.” “This lawsuit is about protecting the data of half …

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